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Guided surgery

Guided surgery allows treatment time to be optimised, whilst maintaining the bone volumes and controlling aesthetics. Thanks to this system, the operation is planned in advance and the implants are inserted with extreme accuracy. But this technique also simplifies your contact with the laboratory and your patients (part tests and live demonstrations). It is to offer you these advantages that Biotech Dental has created AtlaSurgery in collaboration with experienced surgeons.

  • AtlaSurgery guided surgery system
  • Available with the SimPlant® guided surgery software
  • Exclusively intended to be used to insert the Kontact® implant
  • Other than the Ø 5.4 mm

The spoons are identified by the implant diameters:

Range of drills, pilots and step drills, available in short and long versions.

Range of drill stops

In partnership with Materialise Dental

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