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24 & 25 Janvier 2014
-  Bordeaux

The range of drills and reamers Kontact®

The range of drills and reamers Kontact® evolves with PERFORM+

Drills and reamers are optimized:
- Covering more efficient (PVD)
- New marking
- Helix angle

The color identification code remains unchanged, forests are still available in short and long version and use the same stops.


Participants : 6 Taiwanese Surgeons came to Paris to attend Aesthetic and Implantology Trainings 
26 July 2013Implantology Training Course with Dr Franck ZERAH
(Dr Franck ZERAH Clinic - Avenue de Wagram - Paris FRANCE)
27 July 2013
  -  Welcome Centre Ponthieu with Mr Teddy SITRUK, Director CID Training Center
  -  Lectures done by Dr Hava ABAD (River8 veneers) and Dr Arash ZARRINPOUR (DentoSmile Aligners)
     Centre Saint Honoré de Ponthieu - Avenue de Ponthieu - Paris FRANCE
28 July 2013Veneers placement on patient by Taiwanese surgeons.
Each surgeon place 2 veneers on the patient’s mouth
Centre du sourire et du dos - Avenue de la Madeleine - Paris FRANCE


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